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The Legacy Event

The Legacy Event

| November 29, 2018

Especially during this season, we are so thankful for our Webb Financial Family. A few weeks ago, we invited clients, friends and family to gather together in the beautiful Chattanooga Golf and Country Club ballroom. The Legacy Event was the perfect way to honor our founder and my father, Ray Webb, and celebrate the future of Webb Financial Consultants. The evening was spent enjoying exceptional conversations, delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks, beautiful piano music and speeches that touched on the gratitude and excitement this event was intended to celebrate. 

After we thanked our valued guests for coming, we wanted to expand on why we were having this Legacy event. "There are a number of reasons. One of the great reasons is talking about "Creating a Lasting Legacy" which is a process we started thinking about about March of this year. As you may know, Dad has handed over the reigns to me and I was thinking about where we want this firm to go after 36 years of his wonderful leadership." I explained. "So we sat down and thought about what made Webb Financial the firm that it is and where we want it to continue to go. There were two key things that we heard from clients and friends we talked to. One was the relationships that were built. Second was creating a legacy, not just in the definition of finances but also in terms of services, friendships, whatever that might be."

First, it was imperative to recognize Dad who led the desire to have these relationships and create these legacies. "When I think of Dad and what he's meant to me from the standpoint of working together, there are three things I think about. One is the integrity that he brought to this position. The second is his servant heart. Lastly, excellence, he loves to do things well and with preciseness."

During his speech, Dad reflected on the reason for his success.  Recalling a friend who said, "Ray, I don't know how in the world I got here..." For Dad the answer was simple. "I know how I got here." He elaborated, pointing upward. "It's the Man right up here that takes care of me. 'Cause I've been in a lot of ditches, a lot of holes and whatever, in my business life. A lot of you in business know what those are. But I've had someone taking care of me. The other thing is that I have had the pleasure, the luxury, the warmth of marrying two great women. Some of you know one, and some of you know both, but I done good."

Motioning back to me, Dad continued saying, "And I'm very proud of this fella. He has come alongside and we've had the opportunity to work together. That is a real privilege. It's not always easy but it is very fulfilling. I'm very happy. I'm going to practice some more law, but I'm just as close as that telephone. If you need me, I'm going to be here for you. Thank you."

With Dad becoming less available, we've been contemplating about how we move forward. How do we create a lasting legacy for Webb Financial Consultants in the years to come?  First, we couldn't do it without having an amazing team. Blair Carpenter, Susan McLaughlin and Linda Lee keep me in line. And now we've brought on a fourth team member, Allen Taylor. I am excited to collaborate with Allen moving forward. "Not only are Mike and I business partners, we're friends." Allen shared, as he took the mic. "Our intention is not to change anything for you, but to give you the absolute best that there is to give. The best in knowledge, the best in resources, the best in advice, the best in guidance and just the best in support."

As we embark upon this new journey, we are excited to continue to grow with each and every one of you! 

The Legacy Event from Webb Financial Consultants on Vimeo.