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Listen up!

Listen up!

| February 25, 2019

Over the years, a recurring principle has surfaced in my mind and it was reinforced while I spent time with my father on our trip to New Zealand this past November. We spent 17 days on a guided tour with 22 other travelers. During this time, we were able to slow down enough to really engage with people we may have never taken the time to get to know otherwise. During a bus ride or a meal together, we'd talk to these strangers about life, religion, politics (very carefully!) and family. Although we may not have agreed on everything, I realized that we were all a lot closer in our core values and beliefs than what I may have thought upon first meeting them. Taking the time to stop and listen really opened my eyes to how easily we can connect with people, if we just give ourselves the chance. 

Right now, our society seems to be focused on talking "at" each other. There is so much noise that it's hard to focus on what a person is truly saying. But something powerful happens when people feel like they are not only being listened to, but completely heard. It opens us up to be vulnerable, which is the only way we can truly form connection and trust. This is why it is so important for us to take the time to cultivate a practice of listening and seeking to understand, rather than just seeking to be understood. 

Building honesty and trust through attentive listening and really getting to know each and every person who you have the pleasure of meeting is so important. Within my financial advising, this is especially imperative. When we can come together at Webb Financial Consultants and speak openly without fear of judgment, we are not only investing in your financial security, we are investing in YOU. We want to know what is important in your life because money isn't everything. And although we pride ourselves in knowing how to manage it well, we also know that your success is shaped by more than dollar signs. 

So whenever you talk with Susan, Blair or myself, take some time to let us know what is going on in your life. We care about you and believe the more we understand and know about what is important to you, the more we can help you create your lasting legacy!